I believe health is for everyone, no matter your size, shape, color, background, or history. Being healthy is not about rules saying “eat this, not that” and shouldn’t put certain foods on a pedestal and others not to be touched. My desire is to share this type of health with you.

Philosophy about food: 

Eating is a joyous endeavor, one that should be valued and enjoyed, not feared or guilt-causing. All foods are neutral in morality…there are no good foods or bad foods. Being healthy isn’t black and white, but instead can be achieved when there’s a balance to eating all foods. I teach women how to make peace with all foods so that they can truly believe that both the cupcakes and kale salads are equally healthy.

Philosophy about exercise: 

Exercise, or rather movement, is best when it comes from a mental state of self care rather than body resentment. The benefits of exercise are not only for building a strong body, but for promoting a healthy mind. I believe in listening to your body when it comes to movement instead of pushing it when what you’d most benefit from is rest.