Diets Uncovered: Clean Eating

Today we’re doing something a little different. I’m starting a new series that will go through some common diets and talk about the pros and cons of following them as well as alternatives to following them. Today we’re talking about “clean eating” and why following a “clean eating” diet isn’t the salvation you really need. 

Clean eating. What even does that mean? How can a diet be “clean”?

Clean eating is all the rage right now. I mean, who would want the proposed opposite and eat dirty? Just by the sounds, clean eating sounds so attractive. Eating clean makes me think feeling lighter, less grungy, and more fresh. That sounds good, right?

So what is clean eating? Clean eating is eating foods as close to their natural occurring state as possible. Think fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, unprocessed meats, etc. All of these are great food options, but the issue comes with obsessively eating these foods, and these foods ONLY.

But, as we know with all diets, following strict rules around eating always leads to unhealthy thoughts around food and unbalanced eating styles…think restriction followed by binging.

With clean eating, there’s no difference. Only allowing yourself to eat so called “clean” foods and avoiding all other foods makes the “less clean” foods so much more appealing and therefore sets you up for binging when the opportunity allows.

Another issue with clean eating is that it promotes dichotomous thinking around food, thinking only that foods can be “good” or “bad”. Let’s get this straight…food is not moral. And you are no less moral for eating certain foods over others. End of story.

So here’s the deal. Eating “clean” foods feels amazing because it’s what our bodies were made to eat. But so does eating “non-clean” foods because our bodies were made to eat them too! Our bodies are far more capable than we give them credit for!

Here’s what you can do instead of eating “clean”.

Eat as un-processed as possible most of the time. But remember to enjoy “play” foods too (aka indulgences)! They have a special place in a healthy diet too! (ahhhem…a woman needs her fair share of donuts and chocolate to stay sane, amiright?!)

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