Gingerbread Energy Balls

Hi friends! Sharing another recipe with you guys today. And this is one that I’ve been dying to share with you. Why? Well, because it’s so easy to make, and also, eating energy balls is so fun! I made these “gingerbread inspired” because…well, it’s Christmas time and that means gingerbread is taking over for pumpkin from October. So here it is…my Gingerbread Energy Ball Recipe!

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The Problem with the “Disciplined” Mindset

A disciplined mindset around health is oftentimes praised in our society today. And though I am a believer that there’s a healthy way to be disciplined in your life, being so adamant about discipline when it comes to your health can actually be detrimental to a healthy relationship with food and your body. Today we’re talking about the problem with the “disciplined” mindset and how you SHOULD be thinking instead when it comes to your wellness.

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How to Feel Your Best By What You Put On Your Plate

What dictates what you eat? Is it the claims you hear about certain foods being healthy, or energy-giving, or muscle-building? Or do you truly know what foods make you feel your best? If you’re with a lot of other women, you probably have some struggles in tuning out the noise around health claims and really focus on what makes you feel you best. That’s why today I want to share with you how you can feel your best by simply what you choose to put on your plate!

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How to Eat What You Want This Thanksgiving Without Feeling Guilty

It’s tempting to let this Thanksgiving be, yet again, another holiday to dread because of the pressure to restrict and binge…(anyone else already having people around you talking about fasting for the big meal?). It’s something we joke about, but it’s a real thing that many women struggle with the pressure around Thanksgiving, not only to restrict and then binge, but also to feel guilty for what they eat. Is this you? If so, let me just say this…you’re not alone. 

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A Healthy Diet Starts With Peace With Food

You can’t have a healthy balanced diet until you truly find peace with food. So what does “peace with food” mean? Peace with food is being able to see all food as equal, not having certain foods off limits, and not feeling guilted into eating other foods. Without a good relationship with food it’s impossible to have a lasting healthy diet. So let’s learn how to make peace with food today and have a healthy diet for life! Continue reading

Why Intuitive Eating Really Works

How can something that says there are no rules with eating be healthy? Intuitive eating is such a foreign concept, I totally realize that. Where healthy is dictated by rules and discipline in our culture, intuitive eating teaches freedom around food. Today I want to share with you the WHY of intuitive eating. Why intuitive eating really works…and how it’s changed my life and could change yours as well!

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How to Deal with the Fear of Overeating

A question I get asked a lot when counseling people towards re-discovering that intuitive way of eating is, “But I’m just so fearful of overeating! How do I make peace with food when I just know for a fact that I will end up overeating?” Well, though it’s not something that’s achieved as soon as you decide to make peace with food, getting over the fear of overeating IS possible! So today I wanted to help you take that step, yourself, as you move towards eating restriction free…giving up that fear is essential. Continue reading