How to Make Your Workouts More Enjoyable!

Do you feel joy when you hear the word “workout”? If you don’t no worries. There’s a lot of hype to absolutely love working out so extremely that I feel we’ve lost the joy that should be part of your workout each and every time! I don’t know anyone who can genuinely say that they LOVE doing cross fit 7 days a week! If you’re out there, that’s super human. But for all the people I know and work with, getting a workout in every day can be tiresome in and of itself…before you even mention the actual workout, itself. But, there’s no doubt about it that regular movement is so healthy for our bodies, minds, and souls. But only if we’re doing it with joy. That’s why I want to share with you today how to make your workouts more enJOYable!

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4 Thoughts on Counting Macros

I had this question come to me recently and thought it was a really great question to dive into with you guys. What are my thoughts on macro counting? Macro counting, aka macronutrient counting, is very popular as an alternative to calorie counting. But just like calorie counting, counting macros prohibits you from listening to your body and can keep you stuck in some disordered eating and disordered thinking around food.

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What I Ate In A Day + Eating When You’re Snack Hungry

Hi friends! I had such great feedback from the last “What I Ate In A Day” post that I thought it’d be fun to share another! But I will say, I always want for these posts to be an encouragement in your own journey, knowing that each of us are different and have different preferences and likes with food. But, that being said, we could all use some inspiration when it comes to meal ideas. So I hope this post brings you some inspiration as well as insight into what eating intuitively looks like throughout the day. This post, specifically, I also wanted to talk on what it means to be “snack hungry”. Because there definitely is a difference, and tuning into your hunger can help you differentiate whether you’re “snack hungry” vs “meal hungry” and be able to better listen to what exactly you’re wanting and what will satisfy you.

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Why Cheat Days Are Sabotaging Your Health

You’ve heard the term “cheat day”. Maybe you implement this phrase into your own vocabulary regularly. But what you may not know is that having regular cheat days is doing more harm to your health and your body than you may know. The entire concept, even, of having a cheat day tells me that there’s something deeper going on in the first place that you may want to inquire of.

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5 Things To Do To Start Being a Breakfast Person

Are you a sweet breakfast person, a savory breakfast person, or a no breakfast person?

This was a question I asked a group of girls at a local intuitive eating group I hosted with my church a little less than a year ago. And I was shocked when I found out how many people skipped breakfast! I just can’t relate because I’ve always been a breakfast person. I absolutely can NOT function without eating something before I head out the door!

But I know that’s not everyone. I get that. But I do want to share with you a couple of reasons why you should consider being a breakfast person and what to do to get started on owning that habit as your own.

Join team breakfast with me, won’t you!?

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Weekend Eats + Eating When You’re Hungry But Don’t Know What To Eat

Hey friends! Sharing some meals from the weekend as inspiration for you in your own intuitive eating journey as well as sharing my experience of being hungry but not knowing what to eat. Have you been there? Not a fun place to be. Also to make matters even more complicated, in addition to not knowing what to eat and not being hungry, also not being in the mood to cook. It happens, ya’ll. But a girl’s gotta eat and we gotta still feed our bodies. That’s just how it goes.

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Sarah’s Story

I love sharing my client’s stories here on the blog! Testimonies of how lives are changing are so powerful for our own lives and can be so helpful with our own growing process! Today I’m so privileged to share another client story. This one’s a little different than the past…my very talented client has used her gift of poetry to put her experience and her growth through working together to poem in the most beautiful way. I think you’re really going to be touched by her words. Check out her poem above and then read her story below.

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Your Body Wants to Keep You Safe

In a world that seems to tell you that you can’t trust your body, this truth…that your body actually wants to keep you safe…may sound a bit foreign. But once I really came to understand and believe that my body isn’t out to get me, that it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle to care for and keep your body healthy, everything just started to click! Making decisions about how to eat wasn’t so difficult! Overthinking a menu at a restaurant wasn’t a thing anymore! And I could take each meal one at a time, not worrying if I had the “perfect” combo of carbs, fat, and protein for the day.

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Understanding & Tuning Into Your Cycle

The only thing I used to know about my cycle was that it included my period and I didn’t like that so obviously I didn’t really want to learn anything further about it. In fact, I really just wanted to ignore it flat out! Maybe even rebel against it and try and pretend it didn’t exist. But part of my own discovery of the miracle that is my body and it’s incredible wisdom has included learning about my cycle. And the more I’ve learned about it, the better I’ve been able to tend to my body’s needs in an intuitive way.

Maybe you’re like me and wanted nothing to do with knowing about your body and the cycle that each of us have. But, I guarantee, understanding more of what it is to have a cycle as a woman can help you tremendously in connecting with your body and with understanding what healthy looks like for you, individually.

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Permission to NOT Eat Healthy

Today you have permission to NOT eat healthy.

How does that feel? What emotions come to you? Do you get a little anxious, or scared? Maybe you take a deep sigh of relief because these are the words that you’ve felt you needed to hear for some time now but couldn’t bring yourself to put them into practice. You still have rules around how you eat and what you eat. You still feel guilty for taking that bite of chocolate cake.

Take a deep breath, dear friend. Ok, now a deeper one. Let yourself relax as you breath out and feel yourself releasing the pressure you’ve put on yourself to eat a certain way. Don’t worry, I know this is scary. But you’re not alone.

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