The Importance of Connecting With Your Food

Have you ever thought about how you connect with the food you eat? Do you know what I even mean by that? Lately I’ve been thinking about that ‘missing link’ per say between people being intuitive about eating, and I feel that there are two aspects that are important with developing a healthy relationship with food and your body…connecting with your body, but also connecting with your food.

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Healing From Amenorrhea

Changing gears a little bit here and talking about amenorrhea. Which, believe it or not, is far more common among women than I think we ever talk about. I know for me, my story is very similar to a lot of women. Which is why I wanted to share with you what it took for me to heal from Amenorrhea and encourage you if you’re struggling to have a regular cycle, or any for that matter.

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What to Do With Your Nutrition Knowledge Without Sinking Back Into Disordered Eating

I’ve been in a little bit of a rut lately with writing. Just being honest. It’s not that I have nothing to write about, but I just have SO much to write about that I can’t even start! This week I planned on sharing something else with you guys, but I felt that this topic of what to do with all of your nutrition knowledge (I know you’re smart in this area 🙂 ) was far more important right now. Because I’ve experienced first hand the slippery slope that is nutrition. Which is sad because learning about the human body, learning about my own body and how my own body responds best to food, has been so freeing and so enlightening! But also, I realize that learning about the ins and outs of health and nutrition also has to be a careful subject. Especially because that pursuit is what lead me to disordered eating in the first place.

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Pouring Into Yourself

Hey there!

I’ve felt MIA lately. I’ve just been in a weird vibe lately. Not really feeling myself. Maybe feeling more like myself. I’m not sure.

But basically, I’ve just been super pensive, thinking through a lot of things, reading a lot of things, and just wanting to pour more into myself than into others. Sounds super selfish, right? I used to think so. But I believe that in order to be good and kind and generous to others you have to first be at a healthy place with yourself and a place where you’re kind to yourself. You can only give out of yourself if you’ve been filled up.

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Client Story: Vanessa

Hey everyone! I am so, so, soooo excited to be sharing with you all a special post from one of my very dear clients who was so generous with her time and efforts to write this post for you all with hopes that you’ll learn from her experiences with food and body and learning how to better have a healthy relationship with both through working together. I know that Vanessa’s story is so similar to a lot of yours, so I hope you’ll enjoy and learn from her wisdom and the insight that she’s grown to have through her own experience with disordered eating and be encouraged in the fact that, no matter where you’re at, healing and freedom is possible! Vanessa…you go, girl!

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Choosing Freedom Over Fear With Food

Freedom over fear.

Why are we so much easier conditioned towards fear than freedom? To be free sometimes just doesn’t feel right. When we are free we’re always wondering what’s wrong. Because freedom is so foreign to our nature sometimes. We fight to have rules in place because we feel that rules are our way to safety. But what we neglect to realize is that our souls long for freedom! And only when we can let go of fear and choose to be free will we be able to embrace our true and most whole selves. Let’s talk about that for a bit…

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How to be Empowered by Calories Instead of Feared by Them

If you’ve found yourself turning to the back of a food item you bought from the store to check out the nutrition label and calorie count, you’re not alone! We’ve been told to have this mindset of calories that more is bad and less is always better. But calories are nothing to fear. In fact, they can help you in your journey towards making peace with food if you can understand their potential and can see them for what they are…energy for your body! Let’s dive into this more!

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