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I’m Victoria, a Registered Nurse & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor passionate about nutrition, but more than that, passionate about helping women at diet “rock bottom” get back up and try a different approach to being healthy and feeling their best. It involves simply reprogramming negative thoughts around food and body image that keep women from experiencing a truly joyful life.

I grew up always fascinated by the study of the body and nutrition. I wavered between wanting to be a dietician or a nurse, and ultimately chose nursing for my career because of the more wide-spread knowledge of the human body and personal interaction.

Like I mentioned, I’ve always been kinda a “health nut” per say. But what started out as a simple desire to be healthy turned into an obsession. I thought I was doing everything “right”, but finally realized that obsessing over every calorie I ate and exercising because of the two pieces of cake I ate the night before wasn’t a healthy way to live. I needed help but didn’t know how.

Through years of working through my disordered thinking around food and exercise and dealing with fears associated with that, I am so blessed to be at a place where all foods are equal and exercise is out of self care. Each day I wake up not worried about what I am going to eat, or whether I’m going to “stay on track”, but rather how am I feeling and what am I in the mood for. This is a beautiful place to be.

I started Victoria Yates Nutrition with the passion to share this freedom with all women! No one should feel like they have to diet and restrict for the rest of their lives. Every woman deserves to know how to be healthy without the fear of food.

I’d love to get you started on your journey towards health without restrictions. Let’s set up a FREE Discovery Call so we can see if counseling would be right for you!

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