My 10 Body Positive New Years Resolutions

Hope you’ve all had a very special Christmas! As we move into preparing now for the new year, I wanted to share some thoughts on what I’m resolving to do differently this year, and hopefully inspire you to think differently about your New Year’s resolutions in 2018. Here are my 10 body positive New Years resolutions. 

I know this is a little different than most posts, but my hope with sharing my personal resolutions is to maybe spur you on to desiring something greater this year from your New Years resolutions than just thinking about weight loss or changing your body.

2017 was a whirlwind of a year. Paul and I finally started to feel at home in New York. I felt the call to leave one blog behind and start this one. I became certified as an intuitive eating counselor, started up my nutrition coaching business, and lastly made the decision to continue my education and go back to school to become a registered dietitian. Yes, I’m breaking hat news to you here, now. And I’m so excited!

A lot has changed in my views of health and wellness also. I’ve been able to better practice being an intuitive eater, myself (still always learning more about what this looks like for me), and getting better at giving myself grace. I’ve exercised less in the form of planned out exercise (going to the gym, going on a run) and instead practiced more spontaneous movement through walking, yoga, etc. I got rid of my scale and vowed not to weigh myself…it’s been about 9 months since I last got on a scale…and I feel so much better about my body since doing this! I’ve experimented in the kitchen more with past restricted items while cooking and am confident in saying that I no longer have any off limits foods. It’s been a good year!

Im so excited, now, to see where 2018 leads. And though I’m not one to make traditional New Years resolutions, I do have a few things that I want to do differently this year. I thought I’d share them with you. I wrote them in he perspective that yo could use for your self, so feel free to make these your own as well.

1. Resolve to love people better. I’ve been convicted lately of this area of my life that I can work on. I desire to think less of me and more of friends, coworkers, family, and strangers more. I want to be more in tune with what others need instead of focusing on myself. I want to spontaneously bless people without taking credit.

2. Resolve to bake more and experiment more in the kitchen. I did this a bit this last year, but still want to keep this up with the new year. I want to try more new foods and make more complicated meals just for fun. And along those lines, I want to have more dinner parties this year and invite others to share in a meal at our table.

3. Resolve to walk taller this year. I easily allow myself to slump, not literally, but more like I shy away when I feel intimidated. I want to stand up for myself more and walk confidently. I want to speak out for what I believe in more often and not fear rejection.

4. Resolve to not worry as much and just go with the flow. I’m really bad about this. For some reason I feel like by worrying about things I’m helping. Maybe this is new info to you, but believe it or not worrying doesn’t help your situation, and actually makes it worse. So here’s to worrying less this year and just living more!

5. Resolve to be more daring. Following with not worrying as much, I want to be more daring in 2018. I hope to not let my fears get in the way of following my heart. I want to “go out on a limb”just ‘cause.

6. Resolve to be a better listener. It’s super easy this day and age to tune people out, or pretend you’re listening but really you’re just planning the next thing you have to do. Well, at least I get caught up in that. Im resolving this year to be a better listener, really paying attention when people are talking, showing interest in what they’re sharing, and offering genuine encouragement. I guess you could also say, “be genuine” because in order to be a good listener you have to be genuine.

7. Resolve to be more organized. Every new year I feel like I spend time getting more organized and prepared for the year. I feel my best when I’m organized, and though I know that my ideal level of organization is not always achievable, at least beingsomewhat organized is important to me.

8. Resolve to treat your body well. This means not depriving, eating enough, listening to internal signals, eating as fresh as possible, but also not stressing. Im also going to continue to engage in joyful movement and exercise in a way that makes me feel good. And above all, I’m going to be gracious on my body as a way of taking care of it.

9. Resolve to talk well about your body. Continuing from treating your body well, talking well about your body is so important to cultivating a positive view of yourself and of food and exercise. So this year, I’m resolving to talk well of my body. This can be hard for some, but I encourage you, if you can’t say positive things about your body yet, start with just not speaking negative things.

10. Resolve to be more positive. Lastly, I’m resolving to be more positive. We all need a little more positive in our world. So instead of complaining about how negative everything is, try being the one who speaks out the positive.

I’m so excited for what 2018 has in store, and hope you are as well!

So now it’s your turn…

What body positive resolutions are you making this year?



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